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EarthLinked Technologies beats all other DX manufacturers:

- Founded in 1980 and going strong

- Excellent customer satisfaction

- American-made in its LEED-certified Lakeland, Florida factory

- The largest of all DX geothermal manufacturers


Direct Exchange (DX) geothermal systems beat all other system types:

- 21% more efficient than closed loop water geothermal

- 58% more efficient than air source heat pumps

- 148% more efficient than gas heat

- 240% more efficient than oil heat

- 300% more efficient than electric heat


What makes DX better and more efficient?

- Copper is a better conductor than plastic

- DX systems don't use a water pump that uses power and tends to break

- One heat exchange step is eliminated, reducing energy losses

- More compact systems fit in smaller locations and use less energy to install


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